Why Is It Called Eastbay Dunk?

Who invented between the legs dunk?

Isaiah Rider I Invented the Through-the-Legs Dunk And I Want My Props!.

Who is the first person to dunk in the NBA?

The first documented player to dunk in an organized game was 6-foot-8 Joe Fortenberry, and he did it in short-shorts.

What is the best dunk ever?

1. Michael Jordan From the Free-Throw Line, 1987. As great as Carter was, Jordan reigns supreme. Michael Jordan’s duel with Dominique Wilkins in 1987 remains the most iconic Slam Dunk Contest in NBA history; not just because of how great the dunks were, but because of how great the players.

Why was dunking illegal?

Dunking was banned in the NCAA from 1967 to 1976. Many people have attributed this to the dominance of the then-college phenomenon Lew Alcindor (now known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar); the no-dunking rule is sometimes referred to as the “Lew Alcindor rule.”

Why did the NBA ban dunking?

In their words, it “was not a skillful shot,” and the rules committee said they issued the ban partly due to injury concerns. Their report cited 1,500 events where a player was hurt around the backboard during the previous year. (How many of these were dunk-related?

What is the hardest dunk to do?

Vince Carter: 360 Windmill (2000)Vince Carter: Honey Dip (2000) … Michael Jordan: Free-Throw Line Dunk (1988) … Julius Erving: Free-Throw Line Dunk (1976) … Andre Iguodala: Behind-the-Basket Reverse (2006) … Jason Richardson: Off-the-Glass, East Bay Funk Dunk (2004) … Michael Jordan: Kiss the Rim (1987) … More items…

Who did the first windmill dunk?

Dominique WilkinsWhen Dominique Wilkins uncorked the original one-handed windmill in the first NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1984, it came out of nowhere.

Who is the best slam dunk player?

Vince Carter “Half Man-Half Amazing,” is certainly in the discussion as the greatest dunker of all-time. Not only did he produce what is likely the greatest performance in NBA Slam Dunk Contest history during the 2000 NBA All-Star festivities, but he might have the greatest in-game dunk in the history of basketball.

What is a windmill dunk?

This is a type of dunk where the player brings the ball up to their waste, then moves their arm straight back and up in a circular motion until they dunk the ball over their head. A windmill dunk can be conducted with one or two hands. Examples Of How Windmill Dunk Is Used In Commentary.

Who has the longest dunk in NBA history?

Serge Ibaca2011 Serge Ibaca Longest Dunk Ever … it was from behind the foul line!