Which Is The Hardest Course In Kenya?

Which is the best engineering course in Kenya?

5 Best Engineering Courses To Pursue In Kenya5 Best Engineering Courses To Pursue In Kenya.

Aeronautical engineering.

Aeronautical engineering.

Civil Engineering.

Computer Engineering.

Structural engineering/ architecture.

Software engineering/web design.

Electrical Engineering..

Which course is best in 2020?

What are the Best Courses to Lookout for in 2020?Masters in Artificial Intelligence.Masters in MIS.Masters in Computer Science.Masters in Information Systems.Masters in Business Analytics.

Is civil engineering marketable in Kenya?

From my own observation, Civil Engineering diploma holders are more marketable than degree holders. … But for electrical engineering, employment is guaranteed in your first two years after college. Even if you don’t secure a job, you can employ yourself.

What are the best engineering courses?

Best Engineering Courses in India, BE/B. Tech Courses List, Branches DetailsComputer Science and Engineering. … Electronics and Communication Engineering. … Mechanical Engineering. … Electrical Engineering. … Civil Engineering. … Chemical Engineering. … Biochemical / Biomedical Engineering. … Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering.

How much is a civil engineer paid in Kenya?

An early career Civil Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of KSh 840,000 based on 43 salaries. A mid-career Civil Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of KSh 1,260,000 based on 14 salaries.

Which is the most paying engineering course?

In terms of median pay and growth potential, these are the 10 highest paying engineering jobs to consider.Big Data Engineer. … Petroleum Engineer. … Computer Hardware Engineer. … Aerospace Engineer. … Nuclear Engineer. … Systems Engineer. … Chemical Engineer. … Electrical Engineer.More items…

Which course is best for future?

These best 10 college majors for the future hold promising career paths for students of today.Physical Therapy.Nursing. … Construction Management. … Electrical Engineering. … Medical Technology. … Medical Assistance. … Chemical Engineering. … Computer Information Systems. … More items…

What is the most difficult course?

Toughest Courses in IndiaChartered Accountancy.Medical.Engineering.Psychology.Law.Pharmacy.Journalism.Finance.More items…•

Which are the best courses to study?

These are the best courses to study at university.Nursing. Deciding to become a nurse is one of the safest career choices there is; wherever you go in the world, their skills are in demand. … Mathematics. … Computer Science. … Mechanical Engineering. … Marketing / Business Studies. … Law. … Accounting. … Architecture.More items…•

Which country has toughest education?

Five Countries with the Strongest Education SystemsSouth Korea. South Korea emerged as the number one ranked education system in 2015. … Japan. Japan experienced great success in recent years by incorporating technology into its education system, providing its students with tremendous resources. … Singapore. … Hong Kong. … Finland.

Which course is best for high salary?

Top 10 Online Courses with High Salary in 2020PG Diploma in Machine Learning.PG Diploma in Software Development – Blockchain Specialisation.Product Management Certification.Entrepreneurship Certificate.Master of Science in Data Science.PG Program in Big Data Engineering.PG Diploma in Full Stack Development.Executive Strategic Program in Digital Marketing.More items…•

How many engineers are there in Kenya?

Today we have about 2,200 combined number of professional and consulting Engineers against 11,114 registered graduate engineers as obtained from official EBK portal.

Which is the most marketable engineering course in Kenya?

If you want to pursue a marketable engineering course, go for automobile engineering. The course is prominent among diploma students. Upon completion, you’ll work for the companies like Toyota Kenya, General Motors East Africa, BMW and any other company that deals with vehicles.

Which engineering has highest salary in Kenya?

The highest paid engineers are those working in aviation industry, those who pursued Aeronautical engineering. Looking at the statistics, these professionals earn average salary of Ksh300, 000 per month. A fresh graduate joins the career with a starting salary of at least Ksh 150,000.

Which is toughest language in world?

Top 10 Hardest Languages For Translators to LearnMandarin. Mandarin is a language within the Chinese language group and is actually the most spoken language in the world. … Arabic. … 3. Japanese. … Hungarian. … Korean. … Finnish. … Basque. … Navajo.More items…•

Which degree is hardest?

The 10 Hardest Undergraduate Degrees9: Bioengineering. … 8: Biochemistry or Biophysics. … 7: Astronomy. … 6: Physics. … 5: Cell and Molecular Biology. … 4: Biomedical Engineering. … 3: Aero and Astronautical Engineering. … 2: Chemical Engineering. Normal Hours Spent Preparing for Class Each Week: 19.66.More items…•

Which degree course is best?

Read on for a roundup of 10 of the best degrees for a happy and lucrative career.Biomedical engineering. … Occupational therapy. … Structural engineering. … Translation and/or interpretation. … Physician assistant studies. … Environmental engineering. … Web development. … Aeronautical engineering.More items…•

Which is the best course in Kenya?

Below is a list of the best marketable courses in Kenya.Computer Science/ Information Technology. … Pharmacy. … Business (Finance, Economics, Procurement) … Project Management/ Monitoring and Evaluation. … Medicine. … Architecture. … Oil and Gas. … Marketing.