Which Club Has The Highest Fans In The World 2020?

Which club is the richest in the world?

Real MadridCurrent rankingRankTeamValue in millions1Real Madrid4,2312Barcelona4,2053Manchester United3,9834Bayern Munich3,02416 more rows.

Who are the best fans?

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Who is the best club in England?

Football Fans Have Ranked The Top 25 Best Clubs In The World Liverpool ends up on top after securing their first-ever Premier League title, narrowly beating out Manchester United to the top spot.

Which club has the most fans in the world 2020?

Manchester United1. Manchester United. Manchester United comes out as the winner in this race. With millions of fans world wide and record breaking home ground attendances, seconded by the most number of jersey sales over the world, United stands out as the king to the supporters.

Who is the biggest club in England?

Liverpool have been calculated as being England’s biggest club, narrowly ahead of Manchester United.

Which hero has more fans?

Mahesh Babu1. Mahesh Babu. Mahesh Babu stands at the first position in the list. His movies have grossed millions overseas, and he has a huge fan base all over the world.

Which pop singer has more fans?

Popularity rankingArtist01RihannaTrack artist02ColdplayTrack artist03DrakeTrack artist04EminemTrack artist91 more rows

Which country has the best fans?

GermanyGermany have the best fans in the world. Not only are they forever behind their national team with a fierce loyalty but they posses two of the worlds top 20 most attended leagues in all of sports.

Which country has most football fans?

Where is the sport most popular? Across countries with football fans, the United Arab Emirates tops the list as 80% of the country’s population are fans, followed by Thailand, Chile and Cristiano Ronaldo’s home country of Portugal.

Which football club has the best fans?

Real MadridReal Madrid comes at the top of the list of football clubs with highest fans in the world. Success naturally attracts attention and creates affection! And that’s really the case with Real Madrid.

Who is the biggest club in London?

Seven biggest football clubs in LondonArsenal.Chelsea. … Tottenham Hotspur. … West Ham. … Crystal Palace. … Fulham. … QPR. Based in White City, QPR have regularly jumped between the top two tiers of English football, enjoying one of the stronger reputations for teams based on the south bank of the Thames. …

Which club has the highest fans in England?

Manchester United1. Manchester United. Of course, the Premier League team with the largest, widest-reaching fan base is Manchester United. In 2012 the Telegraph reported that, according to a survey, United had doubled their fan base during a five-year period—amassing an incredible 659 million fans.

Who has more fans Ronaldo or Messi?

They have the two largest social media followings in the world among sportspeople with a combined over 213 million Facebook fans in 2019, Ronaldo having over 123 million and Messi over 90 million.

Who are the best fans in England?

Let’s take a look:Best fans: Newcastle, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Leeds.Great fans: Chelsea, Leicester, Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United, Manchester United.Good fans: Arsenal, Sunderland, Watford, West Ham, Swansea, Charlton, Hull, Burnley, Birmingham, Everton, Nottingham Forest.More items…•

Which person have most fans in the world?

Who has the most followers on Facebook? Cristiano Ronaldo—122.1 million likes. Shakira—104.6 million likes. Vin Diesel—101.6 million likes. Eminem—90.4 million likes. Leo Messi—89 million likes. Rihanna—81 million likes. Justin Bieber—78.7 million likes. Will Smith—75.4 million likes.