What Should Be On An Intranet?

What is an example of an intranet?

Some examples of communication would be chat, email, and/or blogs.

A great real-world example of where an intranet helped a company communicate is when Nestle had a number of food processing plants in Scandinavia.

Their central support system had to deal with a number of queries every day..

What is an intranet and what purposes does it serve?

Remember: an intranet’s purpose is to connect employees to work-relevant information. For a modern business, therefore, that means a good intranet must connect people to fellow employees, company culture, values, knowledge, and more. It must keep people both informed and engaged.

What are the uses of intranet?

Use Your Intranet To Provide Everyday EssentialsCompany/Operational Announcements. … Instant Messaging and Company Directory. … Employee Social Network. … Support Services (e.g. IT Support, Equipment Fault Reports) … Document Sharing. … Access Shift Rotas and Request Shift Swaps. … Request Time Off. … Access e-Payslips.More items…•

How can I improve my intranet?

Here are six tactics you can use to help continuously improve your intranet:Focus on small and achievable steps. … Establish an improvements roadmap. … Use metrics and learn from them. … Gather feedback from users and act on it. … Engage site managers to continuously improve their sites. … Communicate success.

How can an intranet improve communication?

10 ways an intranet can help a businessImprove communication. … Greater collaboration. … Easier to find people. … Making searching for documents simpler. … Improve employee loyalty and sense of belonging. … Sharing best practice. … Up-level customer service. … Increase productivity.

How does the intranet work?

Answer: An intranet software allows companies to build a private, secure network that can only be accessed by that company’s employees. This intranet serves as the portal for employees to access internal and external resources, and enables workers to communicate, collaborate, and share documents and other information.

What is an Intranet What are two of its applications?

Intranet applications are basically software that is used on the intranet. Most applications are similar to Internet applications such as browsers, instant messengers, and document publishing software. Unlike Internet applications, however, intranet applications reside on the local server. Intervision Network.

How can a company improve intranet?

Below, I’ve brainstormed 10 things you can do TODAY to improve your Intranet.Put frequently-used items upfront on the home page. … Add attractive – and relevant – images. … Add more white space. … Promote useful, but undiscovered, content. … Clean up the navigation. … Let users speak their mind. … Write a timely piece of content.More items…

What is extranet example?

Much like the intranet, it allows for private communication, document and knowledge sharing, and transfers between crucial external partners and an organization. A good example of an extranet network would be Sharepoint. Extranets act as a system of engagement for your business’s prospective clients.

What is difference between intranet and extranet?

An intranet is a private network, operated by a large company or other organisation, which uses internet technologies, but is insulated from the global internet. An extranet is an intranet that is accessible to some people from outside the company, or possibly shared by more than one organisation.

What is the best intranet platform?

Top 10 Employee Intranet SoftwareMicrosoft SharePoint.Yammer.HCL Connections.Simpplr.Workplace by Facebook.Zoho Connect.Blink.Happeo.More items…

What is intranet and its features?

An intranet is a private enterprise network, designed to support an organization’s employees to communicate, collaborate and perform their roles. It serves a broad range of purposes and uses, but at its core, an intranet is there to help employees.