Quick Answer: What Records Can I Play On My Victrola?

Are Victrola records worth anything?

A “valuable record” can range anywhere from $500 to $3000.

Anything over $3000 and we’re migrating more towards the “rare” albums which are valuable because of unique characteristics (see the above section).

How do you clean Victrola records?

If the record is really dirty, it is generally safe to wash it with soapy water. Use a mild liquid dish-washing detergent, and rinse well before drying. Whatever you do, don’t use alcohol-based cleaners or solutions such as Windex on your records, as you will damage the grooves!

Will a cheap turntable damage your records?

The vinyl revival over the past few years has been great. It is merely to inform buyers of the potential damage a cheap turntable can cause to their precious vinyl records and how terrible these turntables sound. …

What is the most common vinyl size?

LP recordA 12-inch LP vinyl recordMedia typeAudio playbackRead mechanismMicrogroove stylus (maximum tip radius 0.001 in or 25 μm)Dimensions12 in (30 cm), 10 in (25 cm), 90–240 g (3.2–8.5 oz)UsageAudio storage3 more rows

Can you play vinyl records on a Victrola?

You can’t play anything but 78 RPM records on a Victor or Victrola; to be safe, they should be pre-1935 shellac recordings to avoid premature wear. You can’t adapt your Victor or Victrola to play anything but 78 RPM records. Most Victrolas are not “highly valuable”, even though they may be over 100 years old.

Will a Victrola ruin records?

It won’t warp your records but can add to groove wear and it may skip in some records which can damage them. … However, prolonged use of a heavier tracking force found on cheaper turntables (between 4 and 6 grams) can wear your records faster than a higher quality cartridge and lighter tracking force.