Quick Answer: What Is P NO And Group No In ASME?

What is P number and f number?

Based on the essential variable table P number 1 (Carbon Steel) qualifies P 8 (Stainless Steel), and the F number is the same.

So you qualify your welder for stainless steel material by using carbon steel material but stainless steel filler metal..

What is P number?

In a nut shell: P numbers are groupings of base metals with similar welding characteristics that have been approved for pressure boundaries when constructing pressure vessels or piping systems. Group numbers are sub-groupings within a P number that further subdivides the P number.

What is f3 f4 welding?

Filler Metal Group (F Number): indicates the electrode. of wire type. F3 – E6010. F4 – Low Hydrogen E7018.

Is Pwht an essential variable?

The Code paragraph reads a little difficult but essentially means any change in time, temperature, addition OR deletion of PWHT is an essential variable. Anything which would effect the mechanical structure of the weld (even if deemed beneficial) is an essential variable.

What does P in front of a phone number mean?

P = phone (landline or main line) W = Work phone. O = Office phone. M= Mobile phone. Note: some people don’t list their mobile number for obvious reasons such as privacy.

What is difference between WPS and PQR in welding?

A WPS is developed for each material alloy and for each welding type used. … A WPS is supported by a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR or WPQR). A PQR is a record of a test weld performed and tested (more rigorously) to ensure that the procedure will produce a good weld.

What is essential variable?

Essential variables are those that will affect the mechanical or metallurgical properties of a weldment. If they are changed outside their qualified range a new procedure has to be qualified. The essential variables will be determined by the code that is being used so you do not need to guess what they are.

What is supplementary essential variable?

The code defines it as “Supplementary essential variables are conditions in which a change will affect the toughness properties of the joint, heat-affected zone, or base material”. The supplementary essential variable becomes an essential variable when welding procedure qualification requires impact testing.

What P number is Inconel 625?

Just match the UNS # with the data base and you should have what you want. Inco 625 for example I looked up and found a UNS # of (UNS N06625) and on the graph this matched with P# 43 on the data base.

What is P number and group number?

Table – 2. Now that we have understood ‘P’ numbers let’s move on to group numbers. Group numbers are subsets of ‘P’ numbers assigned to ferrous based metals. Group numbers are assigned only to those materials which require toughness testing for the qualification of its WPS.

What is P no in ASME?

To reduce the number of welding procedure qualifications that are required, P-Numbers (shortened to P-No) are assigned to base metals according to the characteristics of the material, such as composition, weldability, brazeability and mechanical properties.

What is a no in welding?

1) The A-Number: The A-Number is a calculated value based on a combination of the chemical composition of the weld filler metal (which may be found in ASME Section II Part C), and ASME Section IX’s A-Number Table QW-442.

What is a P number?

Base Metals: The P Number This number is used to group similar Base Metals, allowing qualification of an entire selection versus qualification of just one. These base metals are grouped by material and assigned P Numbers based on what material they are.

What is p3 material?

AISI P3 is a Low-Carbon Mold Steel grade Tool Steel. … Most tool steels are used in a heat-treated state, generally hardened and tempered. The typical elastic modulus of tool steels at room temperature (25°C) ranges from 190 to 210 GPa. The typical density of tool steels ranges from 7.72 to 8.0 g/cm3.

What is essential variables in welding?

Essential variables are those in which a change, as described in the specific variables, is considered to affect the mechanical properties of the weldments; hence, any change shall require requalification of the welding procedure.

How do you prepare welding procedure specification?

Essential VariablesBase Material Groups (§8.3.1)Base Material Thickness (Table 5 for Butt Welds, Table 6 for Fillet Welds – § … Diameter, for pipes (§ Angle (for branch connection welds – §8.3.3)Welding Process (§8.4.1)Process Mechanization (§8.4.1)Welding Positions (§8.4.2)Weld Type (§8.4.3)More items…•

Is P number 2062?

Welding Procedure Qualification, Welding Performance Qualification, etc.

What is essential variable in WPS?

Welding procedure specification (WPS) It contains all the necessary parameters viz. joints, base metals, filler metals, positions, preheat, PWHT, gas etc. (including ranges, if any) under which the welding process must be performed. These parameters are known as variables (as per ASME Section IX).

What is SFA no in welding?

SFA is a universial classification system for filler materials. 5.1 is for carbon steel electrodes for SMAW, hence the designation E-6013. These type of specifications provide for uniform identification but I’ll be darned if I know what “A/SFA” actually stand for.

What is non essential variables in welding?

The code defines it as ” Nonessential variables are conditions in which a change, as described in the specific variables, is not considered to affect the mechanical properties of the joint”.