Quick Answer: What Does ISO Mean In Social Media?

What does ISO slang mean?

in search ofISO is an acronym that means “in search of” and is often used in classified ads and want ads.

It is used for communicating that you are looking for something or someone..

What does ISO mean in a sentence?

In Search OfFirst Definition for ISOISODefinition:In Search OfType:AbbreviationGuessability:4: Difficult to guessTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

Does ISO mean equal?

iso-, prefix. iso- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “equal”. This meaning is found in such scientific and chemical words as: isosceles, isotope.

What is difference between ISO and Neo?

The prefix “iso” is used when all carbons except one form a continuous chain. This one carbon is part of an isopropyl group at the end of the chain. … The prefix “neo” is used when all but two carbons form a continuous chain, and these two carbons are part of a terminal tert-butyl group.

What is ISO on Instagram?

ISO means: “In Search Of”

What is ISO marriage?

It becomes two people doing life separately but still having a marriage license. “Iso marriage” usually happens gradually. A couple that used to spend time talking daily skips a day or two, then over time they find that they aren’t talking much at all. A couple that had a weekly date skips a week.

What does ISO puppy mean?

March 10, 2019 · Last year we started taking in many more dogs than before, specifically a lot of large dogs from our city shelters. They are “ISO” dogs meaning they are sick and can’t be exposed to other dogs.

What does ISO prefix mean?

equaliso- A prefix that means “equal,” as in isometric, “having equal measurements.” A prefix used to indicate an isomer of an organic compound, especially a branched isomer of a compound that normally consists of a straight chain.

What is ISO dating?

What does ISO mean on dating sites? … It means “interracial sex only.” This gives you a clue as to the type of person you may be interested in if that is your game or not. Comments Add a comment…

What is ISO female?

isofemale(Adjective) Originating from a single wild female.