Question: What Is The Starting Pay At Bank Of America?

How can I make $20 an hour?

17 Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour With Little Or No Experience/Degree#1.


Become a Virtual Assistant.#3.

Small Business Marketing.#4.


Website Development and Computer Programming.#6.

Freelance Writing.#7.

Online Tutoring.#8.

Test Websites.More items….

Are bank tellers paid weekly?

National Average As of Dec 21, 2020, the average weekly pay for a Bank Teller in the United States is $541 a week.

Is $20 an hour Good Pay 2019?

In 2019 the Average rent for the entire nation for a 1 bedroom apartment was over just under $1,000 a month or ~$12,000 a year(not including deposit and utilities). At $20 an hour, full time and provided you have benefits like sick leave and vacation you would earn ~$41,600.

How much do Bank of America tellers make?

The typical Bank of America Teller salary is $14. Teller salaries at Bank of America can range from $6 – $25.

How much does Bank of America pay employees?

Bank of America Corp. ( BOFA) Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAverageCustomer Service Representative (CSR)Range:$12 – $20Average:$16TellerRange:$13 – $19Average:$15Personal BankerRange:$15 – $24Average:$19Bank TellerRange:$12 – $19Average:$153 more rows•Dec 15, 2020

Which bank pays the most as a teller?

Bank Teller SalariesJob TitleSalaryChase Bank Teller salaries – 676 salaries reported$15/hrJ.P. Morgan Bank Teller salaries – 638 salaries reported$13/hrWells Fargo Bank Teller salaries – 454 salaries reported$15/hrWells Fargo Bank Teller salaries – 424 salaries reported$15/hr16 more rows

Does Bank of America pay well?

The average Bank of America salary ranges from approximately $31,627 per year for Supervisor to $132,790 per year for Vice President of Engineering. Average Bank of America hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.55 per hour for Marketer to $57.00 per hour for Product Manager.

Is a bank teller a good job?

Bank tellers have the sometimes thankless tasks of processing customer banking transactions. … Bank tellers must also be able to work with other members of the branch as part of a team. Overall, the outlook for teller jobs is a good news-bad news situation.

How much does Bank of America pay per hour?

Bank of America today announced that it is accelerating the move from its current U.S. minimum hourly rate of pay of $17 to $20 by the end of the first quarter of 2020, more than a year earlier than originally planned.