Question: What Is The Example Of Harmful?

What is the meaning of the harmful?


causing or capable of causing harm; injurious: a harmful idea; a harmful habit..

Which products are toxic?

Here’s a list of common household items that truly put you and your health at risk.Non-Stick Cookware. … Flea and Tick Products. … Mothballs. … Air Fresheners. … Oven Cleaner. … Furniture Polish and Stain. … Toilet Bowl Cleaner. … Gas Space Heaters.More items…•

What are the harmful effects of fuel?

Extraction processes can generate air and water pollution, and harm local communities. Transporting fuels from the mine or well can cause air pollution and lead to serious accidents and spills. When the fuels are burned, they emit toxins and global warming emissions.

What is harmful effect?

Something that is harmful has a bad effect on something else, especially on a person’s health.

What harmful material means?

(c) “Harmful chemical substance” means a solid, liquid, or gas that through its chemical or physical properties, along or in combination with one or more other chemical substances, can be used to cause death, injury or disease in humans, animals or plants. …

Which part of speech is harmful?

Dangerous is an adjective.

What is the meaning of damaging?

: causing or able to cause damage : injurious has a damaging effect on wildlife.

What is the meaning of useful materials?

1 able to be used advantageously, beneficially, or for several purposes; helpful or serviceable. 2 Informal commendable or capable.

What are the harmful effects of junk food?

5 Harmful Effects Of Junk FoodsJunk foods can hamper your development and may eventually make your brain weak and non-functional. … What are Junk Foods? … Increased Obesity. … Loss of Memory and Learning Problems. … Lead to Depression. … Worsens Appetite and Digestion. … Inadequate Growth & Development.

What are the harmful effects of chemicals?

Depending on the chemical, these longer-term health effects might include:organ damage.weakening of the immune system.development of allergies or asthma.reproductive problems and birth defects.effects on the mental, intellectual or physical development of children.cancer.