Question: What Does The PA Inspector General Do?

Can a spouse file an IG complaint?

Depending on the circumstances, the IG may also accept complaints from dependents or relatives of active duty members and retirees and their dependents.

However, it is always best for the actual “victim” or person who witnessed the alleged wrongdoing to file the complaint..

Who does the inspector general report to?

The OIG investigates alleged violations of criminal and civil laws by DOJ employees and also audits and inspects DOJ programs. The Inspector General, who is appointed by the President subject to Senate confirmation, reports to the Attorney General and Congress.

Who is the Inspector General of the Department of State?

Incumbent. Matthew Klimow. Acting The inspector general of the Department of State heads the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of State and is responsible for detecting and investigating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the United States Department of State.

What power does the inspector general have?

To help them carry out their investigative role, Inspectors General have the authority to issue subpoenas for information and documents, administer oaths for taking testimony, and can hire and control their own staff and contract personnel.

Who is the inspector general in 2020?

Michael E. HorowitzMichael HorowitzAssumed office April 29, 2020PresidentDonald TrumpPreceded byGlenn FineInspector General of the United States Department of Justice12 more rows

Can the inspector general prosecute?

An OIG investigation can result in a criminal proceeding only if DOJ accepts it for criminal prosecution. … This effectively grants immunity against criminal prosecution based on the employee’s statements concerning the matter(s) covered by the advisement, unless the statements are found to be untruthful.

Can inspector general bring charges?

An inspector general has no criminal authority. He can’t charge you with a crime or throw you in jail. He can’t even arrest you. … The upshot is that you should worry about an OIG investigation if you are the target of the investigation.

When should I file an IG complaint?

When are IG complaints appropriate? Individuals should attempt to resolve Fraud, Waste, and Abuse(FWA) issues and personal complaints at the lowest possible level, using command channels before elevating them to the next higher level or the Office of the Inspector General.

How do I write a complaint to OIG?

How should I report this information to the OIG?Call the OIG Hotline at (202) 724-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-521-1639;Visit our office and discuss the matter with an OIG employee;Send a letter to the OIG;Visit the website and send an email to Ask the Director or fill out the online complaint form.

What does the state Inspector General do?

The Office of Inspector General for the Department of State (OIG) is an independent office within the U.S. Department of State with a primary responsibility to prevent and detect waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.

What qualifies as an IG complaint?

An Inspector General (IG) investigates fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as threats to public safety and morale. An IG conducts administrative reviews, inquiries, or investigations to resolve complaints.

Can I file an anonymous IG complaint?

ANONYMOUS FILING STATUS: If you file your complaint anonymously, we will not know who you are, and we will not be able to contact you to request additional information. A quicker way to resolve your complaint, could be to first contact your local or command-level Inspector General’s Office.

Who is head of the DOJ?

Attorney General William BarrThe head of the Department of Justice is Attorney General William Barr. Barr, 70, was appointed by President Trump in December 2018 to succeed former Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the 85th person to lead the department. He was sworn in as America’s top law enforcement official on Feb.

What agencies fall under the Department of State?

Deputy Secretary of State. Deputy Secretary of State. … Reporting Directly to the Secretary. Office of Foreign Assistance. … Arms Control and International Security.Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights. Bureau of Counterterrorism. … Economic Growth, Energy, and Environment.Management. … Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

What is the scope of OIG’s authority?

The scope of work includes all programmes, systems, processes, operations and activities undertaken by WFP. The oversight services provided by OIG include internal audits, advisory consulting services, proactive integrity reviews (PIRs), inspections and investigations.

Why would an inspector general come to your house?

The Office of Inspector General investigates complaints or allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by employees or contractors that involve or give rise to fraud, waste or abuse within the programs or operations of the FCC. Allegations are received primarily from FCC employees and licensees.

Is OIG federal or state?

In the United States, Office of Inspector General (OIG) is a generic term for the oversight division of a federal or state agency aimed at preventing inefficient or unlawful operations within their parent agency.