Question: What Do Industrial Relations Do?

What is the role of industrial relations?

Industrial Relations Officers aim to encourage employees and employers to work towards the development of effective organisational practices.

They may represent industrial, commercial, union, employer or other organisations in industrial negotiations..

What is mean by industrial relations?

Industrial relation definition Industrial relation refers to a relationship between the employers and employees. It also refers to a field of study that examines these types of relationships, especially groups of workers in unions. The employers are represented by management and employees are represented by unions.

What are the main aspects of industrial relations?

The main aspects of industrial relations can be identified as follows:Promotion and development of healthy labour — management relations.Maintenance of industrial peace and avoidance of industrial strife. ADVERTISEMENTS: Development and growth of industrial democracy.

What are the types of industrial relations?

(i) Labour relations i.e., relations between union- management (also known as labour management relations); (ii) Group relations i.e., relations between various groups of workmen i.e., workmen, supervisors, technical persons, etc.

What are the three actors in industrial relations?

We have already identified the parties (actors) in an industrial rela- tions system to be: the workers and their organisations, the em- ployers and their associations, and the government and its agencies.

How do you maintain good industrial relations?

Types of employee relationsGet to know your team, on an individual level.Keep communication channels always open.Ask for their opinion.Listen to their arguments.Encourage them to stand their ground.Build these relations on common rules and values.Don’t keep your distance, be part of the team.

What are the different types of industrial disputes?

Types of Industrial Disputes: Strikes, Lockouts, Picketing, Gherao, Lay Off, Retrenchment and BoycottType # 1. Strikes:Type # 2. Lockouts:Type # 3. Picketing:Type # 4. Gherao:Strikes:Lockout:Lay Off:Retrenchment:More items…

What is the meaning of industrial?

: of or relating to industry : of or relating to factories, the people who work in factories, or the things made in factories. : having a developed industry : having factories that actively make a product. : coming from or used in industry : made or used in factories also : stronger than most other products of its kind.

What is the difference between industrial relations and labor relations?

Essentially, employee relations is a two person relationship between employee and employer. The focus is on how to effectively manage and strengthen this relationship. Industrial Relations on the other hand, is a three person relationship between the organisation, the union and the workforce that the union represents.

What are the causes of poor industrial relations?

Top 4 Causes of Poor Industrial Relation – Explained!Nature of Work: It is the work only that gives birth to relationship between the employee and employer. … Dissatisfactory Compensation and Work Conditions: Employees work for compensation i.e., wages and salaries. … Dysfunctional Trade Union: … Non-conducive Organisational Climate:

What are industrial relations issues?

The term ‘industrial relations’ generally refers to employment issues and the employment relationship between an organisation and its staff. … These regulatory bodies have different roles but are both independent government organisations.