Question: How Do I Open A DOC File Without Word?

What will open a DOC file?

How to Open a DOC File.

Microsoft Word (version 97 and above) is the primary program used for opening and working with DOC files, but it isn’t free to use.

There are free alternatives to Microsoft Office that include support for DOC files, like LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer, and WPS Office Writer..

Why can’t I open any Word documents?

If the files won’t open normally within Word, you still may be able to recover the data that the files contain. … When the Insert File dialog box opens, select the troublesome Word document and click OK. The file should appear in the new document. You can then save the file to a new file name and continue.

How do I convert an open document to Word?

ODT files that are opened through the app are automatically converted to . DOC format. To download the document, go to File > Download As > Microsoft Word. Go to your default Chrome download location (usually the Downloads folder).

What’s the difference between DOC and DOCX?

The main difference between the two file formats is that in DOC, your document is saved in a binary file that includes all the related formatting and other relevant data while a DOCX file is actually a zip file with all the XML files associated with the document.

How do I open a DOCX file in Google Docs?

Step-by-Step Instructions with ScreenshotsOpen your Google Drive and click New.Select File upload.Select the Word doc and click Open. The file will now upload.Double-click the uploaded doc.Click Open with.Select Google Docs.