Is Test Series Important For UPSC?

Which is best prelims Test series?

Table of ContentRank 1.Plutus IAS Test Series.Plutus IAS Prelim Complete Test Series 2020.Rank 2.

The Hindu Zone.The Hindu Zone Test Series.Rank 3. Test Series.Rank 4. UPSC Pre Test Series 2020.More items…•.

Is Test series important for UPSC mains?

Before Prelims – The Test Series will start from June 28, 2020 and will cover those sections of the syllabus which are common to both the Prelim and the Main Exams. It would help students to gain the perspective of the Main Exam with quality answer writing and content enrichment without losing the focus on the Prelims.

Which is the best test series for UPSC?

InsightsonIndia (InsightsIAS) is considered one of the best online platforms to prepare for the UPSC CSE. It offers a number of exam preparatory resources for aspirants, including online test series. For Prelims, its online test series are priced between Rs. 9,500-16,000.

Is there any free test series for UPSC?

INSIGHTSIAS had also rolled out the STEP-UP Series (Simulation Test to Enhance Preparation for UPSC Prelims 2020) – ALL INDIA FREE OPEN MOCK TESTS to push students beyond their comfort zones and step up their pace and quality of preparation for the Preliminary exam. … CLICK HERE For Registration/to take the Test.

How is Gradeup Test series for UPSC?

Gradeup UPSC Mock Test 2020 enables your exam preparation for all the upcoming UPSC Examinations such as UPSC IAS (CSE) and UPSC EPFO. The UPSC test series are carefully designed after a thorough study of the syllabus, the exam pattern and latest question trend.

What is a good score in Vajiram Test series?

About test series I would say 100+ score indicates you are on right track. Need more revision. 120+ score indicates you are in safe zone & need to maintain the same level of scoring. 80+ You need improvement.