Do NAF Employees Have An SF 50?

How does sick leave affect FERS retirement?

FERS employees are now given credit for sick leave due to a change in the law as of October 2009.

Under FERS, if you retire prior to 2014, you will receive credit for half of your sick balance at retirement.

If you retire 1-1-14 or later, you will receive credit for your full sick leave balance at retirement..

What are NAF benefits?

Eligible DoD NAF employees and their families are offered a program of health benefits that include: Medical and prescription drug benefits. Dental benefits. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to help pay for your care.

How are NAF employees paid?

NAF employment is different from civil Service federal employment because salaries for NAF employees are not allocated by Congress. Instead, salaries are paid by the revenue generated by Services activities.

What does NAF stand for?

National Academy FoundationNAF (formerly known as National Academy Foundation) is an educational non-profit organization. The mission of NAF is to solve some of the biggest challenges facing education and the economy by bringing education, business, and community leaders together to transform the high school experience.

Is working for MCCS a federal job?

NAF employees are federal employees and work in a variety of jobs. The DON has three NAF organizations: Commander, Navy Installations Command – Morale, Welfare, and Recreation CNIC), Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), and Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM).

What is a permanent federal employee?

The Federal Government employs permanent and temporary employees. Permanent employees are generally hired under a career-conditional appointment (Permanent – Career-Conditional Appointment).

Is Aafes a NAF job?

NAF Employment Air Forces Services. Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Army, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) … Navy, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)

Is NAF service creditable under FERS?

L. 107-107 gives CSRS and FERS employees the opportunity to elect to credit DoD or Coast Guard NAF Service that is not otherwise creditable in CSRS or FERS. The credit may only be used for the purpose of establishing eligibility for immediate CSRS or FERS retirement benefits.

How does the NAF pay scale work?

NAF Compensation covers pay policy for White-collar, Crafts and Trades, and Child and Youth paybands. NAF employees working in white-collar (non-Crafts & Trades) positions are covered by a payband system. The minimum and maximum pay rates for CY-I and CY-II are linked to GS-2 through GS-5 pay rates. …

What does non appropriated funds mean?

Nonappropriated Funds – Monies derived from sources other than congressional appropriations and commissary surcharge funds, primarily from the sale of goods and services to DoD military and civilian personnel and their family members that are used to support or provide Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs. (

Is working for Aafes a federal job?

Yes AAFES is federal employment. Yes It is part of the Department of Defense. It is not considered a Federal job although it caters for the military and their family.

What is the rule of three in federal hiring?

Under the proposal, the “rule of three,” a law that requires federal managers to choose one of three pre-selected candidates, would be eliminated. Instead, managers would choose job winners from a wider range of qualified applicants, a process called categorical ranking.

Are NAF employees competitive services?

Employees in the competitive service may be considered for appointment to any NAF position on the basis of their qualifications. … Preference applies to any job that is open to competition in accordance with merit staffing practices.

How is NAF retirement calculated?

How does the plan work? Your cost to participate in the Retirement Plan is 2% of your salary, which is deducted from your pay each pay period. Additionally, your employer contributes 7.6% of your salary to fund your retirement.

Is NAF considered a federal employee?

What is NAF Employment? NAF employment is considered Federal employment. It is, however, different from Federal civil service employment because the monies used to pay the salaries of NAF employees are not appropriated by Congress.

What is appropriated fund employee?

Within the federal government Appropriated Funds refer to moneys allocated by legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President. … Appropriated Funds may only be used for the purpose they have been appropriated for. Agencies can incur penalties and employees can face legal charges for misappropriating funds.